About Freemasonry

Freemasonry, as the oldest and largest brotherhood in the world, is a spiritual system of pure and selfless humanity, which through the tendency of the individual to know, improve and elevate primarily its own qualities and virtues, tries to act on its environment, its own family, the nation, ultimately and all humanity, through acceptance and application of basic postulates of freemasonry; freedom of man's mind of all delusions, prejudices and dogmas, sincere and unconditional love for truth, which is shown primarily through brotherly love, help and openness of relations not only among brothers (all freemasons of the world are called brothers and thus treated each other) in the Lodge, but also in the professional world through understanding the priorities of justice and respect for human dignity, and altruistic approach to their loved ones and the whole community through known free-masonry and mutual assistance. The free-walled community studies ancient traditions, expressed in the language of symbols and allegory, sums up and accumulates their cognition and knowledge into an open system for every free and believing man, who through this science will work to build himself, first as a rough, unprocessed stone, trying to polish and polish his edges, to install it as a perfect cube, a block, who, through the display of humane and spiritual qualities, will build a solid structure of the Temple of Man to humanity.

Freemasonry has always been an elite organization, which throughout its history and centuries of existence has always brought together the best members of the Hul clan, who, thanks to their own spiritual and moral virtues, are both a son and a son. Freemasonry is an initiation system for the development of a child without any education, or for any of the religions, or for any of the family members who have been involved in the crime, or who have been involved in the crime. The Slobodni Zidar post can be used to prepare you and your first warranty on brackets (the most common guarantee is) and you will have the necessary protection from the slobodnizidarskih udruženja. One of the candidates for the first round is Molilac Nazi, and in the second round there will be a number of candidates who will be elected to the brothel. In order for the petitioner's request to be taken into account, he must, above all in his human and spiritual qualities, meet the high moral standards set by the Brotherhood. The most important thing is to get rid of the cold, to have a glass, to eat, to have a good meal and to have a good time with the profanity of life, to be able to take a break from the street with a lot of people live within the fraternity, considered and called profane). One of the demands is to be a free man, primarily thinking of freedom of mind, freedom of thought, reasoning and understanding; an unconditioned mind free from any dogma.
Also, the future brother who will approach the construction of the inner Temple of Humanity, as the Freemasons symbolically say, must be a believer (atheists are not accepted into the association), and the believer is not brought in), but his beliefs and moral values are collected and collected. they express as faith in the Great Architect of All Worlds (Great Neymar), the supreme and perfect being, who, as the supreme Creator of the Universe, gives us all the moral and destructive laws. Such a god is one, and the Freemasons through him believe in eternal life and the immortality of the soul.
A supplicant who fulfills the previous conditions, and is ready to develop morally and spiritually in order to become a better person, can become a Freemason, regardless of his top, skin color, race, language, political party affiliation or social status. Of course, being a mason is considered a great honor, and a member must respect the moral laws of society, as well as the laws of the state in which he lives; we must not be criminally convicted or prosecuted. Mason should be a healthy man, a family man, without stains against people, god and the law. Masons are people of charity and good deeds, and as such, they have no rival among the philanthropic organization in the planet Earth. The petitioner who is spun by the conditions, is called consideration (ballots) accepts in the Brotherhood, and he is assigned a term for accession to the association (Initiation), after which he joins the brothers Freemasons as free. The Masonic Association is not, as many believe, a secret association, but an association that possesses certain internal Secrets, which do not go beyond fraternity, and also membership in the Masonic Lodge vis-à-vis others is the only thing we must never reveal the identity of another Mason. This is how the discreet of each member association works. In today's modern information age, it is possible for interested individuals, who may not have a Masonic Lodge in their place of residence, to apply for membership in the Brotherhood through the site. Every worthy request is duly considered, and if the applicant is worthy of studying the Royal Arts, he will be invited to a conversation, which will open the door to a beautiful world, in which Gauvovn Snu vvnal and fraternity. Brother D.Đ.
Brother D.Đ.