Charity is one of the basic virtues of every Freemason. The basic essence of Freemasonry is the focus of each Freemason first on his fellow Freemason in terms of help and support, advice and action, in accordance with the law and their own abilities. In this way, each member of the fraternity becomes better and "stronger" in relation to the time before he joined the fraternity. Assuming that a Freemason is a good man, he will be so empowered that he will have a moral obligation to help the profane who do not have that honor and privilege to become Freemasons, primarily to their family, their environment, their country and the society of all people.
Freemasons organize and implement many humanitarian actions directed towards the professions, helping educational institutions, health constitutions, churches, monasteries, individuals who need help, but unlike other organisations, they never promote their humanitarian actions publicly.
For a Freemason and a Masonic organization, it is enough that he knows she has done good, in praise of the Great God, the Great Neimar of All Worlds.