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A man who becomes part of the brotherhood of Freemasons has an obligation to do good, to create an environment of a better life, responsibility, and tolerance with his behavior. A Freemason becomes part of a fraternal chain that is as strong as its weakest link.

Grand Lodge Nikola Tesla


In keeping with the centuries-long tradition that a Freemason is a good and free man with a good reputation who was initiated into a fraternity with two Freemasons recommendations for admission who is better or at least equal to them, so the Grand Lodge Nikola Tesla, which currently counts about 1,500 Freemasons and is connected to over 500,000 freemasons around the world through mutual recognition, was created. The Grand Lodge Nikola Tesla is recognized by over 420 Grand World Lodges. The main goal of the Grand Lodge Nikola Tesla as the most numerous and influential Freemasons organization in this area and beyond is to help and strive to unite all Freemasons under the parallel "All Freemasons in one Lodge".


Become freemason

Freemasons adorn the finest human qualities. As a rule, they're good people, in a good way. To become a Freemason, at least two Freemasons must guarantee for you. During the implementation of the admissions process, any member of the lodge may challenge your admission to the organization. A candidate must be ready to build – to contribute to work on himself, society and organization. By building himself, the candidate emerges from the darkness and heads for the light. He shows understanding and tolerance for different opinions, virtues and others and is less inclined to judge. Mason constantly studies the history, customs and values of fraternity.

Freemasonry, as the oldest and largest brotherhood in the world, is a spiritual system of pure and selfless humanity, which through the tendency of the individual to know, improve and elevate primarily its own qualities and virtues, tries to act on its environment, its own family, the nation, ultimately and all humanity.

Charity is one of the basic virtues of every Freemason. The basic essence of Freemasonry is the focus of each Freemason first on his Brothers in terms of help and support, advice and deed, in accordance with the law and his own possibilities. That way, every fraternity member gets better and stronger than the time before he joined the fraternity. 

SVLNT is a Brotherhood that nurtures traditional Masonic values and principles in the first place.

The Brotherhood understands that in modern living conditions, Freemasonry must be subject to adaptation.



There are many symbols that adorn the Royal Art, there are also anglers and sixers and other symbolic work tools, hammers, hair, labels, excess, mystique - as representations of moral principles and human endeavours.

Symbol Significance

Of particular significance in the description of Masonic philosophy are free-seeing symbols, which always have a double meaning: the regular, the usual one, which can be interpreted by each member of the Brotherhood, and the esoteric interpretation, which is visible only to those more dedicated members.

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In keeping with the centuries-long tradition that a mason is a good man with a good reputation and recommendation always at least flat or better than himself for admission to the fraternity, the current Supreme Commander of the Grand Lodge Nikola Tesla with his small lodge, which thanks to its fast development and above all the quality of the brothers in it, forms a branch and very quickly outgrows the auspices of the parent Great Orient of Serbia. which originated from the Regular Grand Lodge of Serbia, and is self-established and together with brothers from four other branches forms two Grand Lodge called The Grand Lodge Nikola Tesla and the Grand Lodge Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin.

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